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About Us

We are creative website builders based in The Hague, The Netherlands.


We are internet pioneers, since 1998 we have established a first generation web hosting provider and later sold it again. We are very experienced in website development, internet and IT related matters.


We love WordPress, it’s easy and free. Most will not find it difficult to use the system or have experience with it.

No nonsense

Don’t talk too much but act. We like to do what we say and say what we do. We keep the intake as short as possible and try to think from your position. We help you get your website online quickly.

Webdesign & webhosting

We work together online worldwide to build websites and other fun projects. We provide powerful web hosting, we use the Google Cloud Platform with more than 23 data centers worldwide.

Have a website made or hosted?

We do web design, support and powerful web hosting.

Additional work is based on subsequent calculation at an hourly rate. We do not write texts but use dummy text to design the website. Because we work together online and share files or texts, the website is finished quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

With a website of 1 page (One Pager) you will receive 2 (two) man hours free of charge and if that takes a little longer, we will not be difficult.

We can also make a complete website up to 5 pages, we think we need 16 man hours for this.

We take care of the web hosting and support so that you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Please contact us.
  • We start talking.
  • We make it concrete.
  • We will get started with your website.
  • We work together and quickly build a website.
  • Your website is ready, we will continue to provide support.
  • We also provide customization, please contact us.
What is the Divi Theme?

With this powerful WordPress Theme we build professional websites at lightning speed. It is one of the most used and user-friendly Themes with hundreds of templates. That is why we choose Divi for us and our customers. Do you want to know more?

Want to try Divi Demo?
If you want to try a Divi demo, click here: Demo

If you purchase something via an external link, we can earn a commission.

What is a One Pager?

With a website of 1 page (One Pager) you will receive 2 (two) man hours free of charge and if that takes a little longer, we will not be difficult.

A one pager is a website like this, where the website consists of 1 single page. The menu items are divided into sections on the page. Because we use a template, we can have a website online very quickly.

Of course we provide the associated hosting and support. We charge the web hosting costs separately, per month or per year.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting works independently of hardware and is scalable. With this technology, the required resources such as memory, processor power and others can be easily adapted. Defective hardware is a thing of the past because a larger pool of hardware resources is used. Because we use the Google Cloud Platform, we can provide reliable and fast hosting.

We provide Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting packages of 10GB, 20GB and 40 GB. It is also possible to place only the hosting with us. We migrate your WordPress website for free. Please contact us.

Prices are in euros and exclusive of VAT


Some examples of our work and our customers.

Already with us


Let’s work together online to make something special!


Send us an email if you want to have a website made or for customization. We convert ideas into websites.

Mail us at: [email protected]

Strong in website development and hosting!


Have a website built

We make websites and help you quickly online by using templates. We also deliver custom work!


Cloud Hosting

We provide managed WordPress Hosting on the Google Cloud Platform in a data center in the Netherlands.